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with Lisa Callahan & Kari Morin 

What about life isn’t made better, or easier with laughter, a no-nonsense friend who tells it like it is, and some perspective…of course, a cocktail doesn’t hurt, either!

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October 4-6, 2024

Chicago, Illinois

Featured on LA Weekly!

About the Podcast

John Lennon is famous for saying
“Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”

We agree, but I think we’d add that life happens, make plans, and find your people so that no matter what life brings, you know who you are, and what’s important.

For women, so much in our culture implies we lose so much as we age—beauty, opportunities, style, sex-drive, relevance, etc. 



Think about it…

How many women in their twenties
 second-guess themselves, say “sorry” too much? Or over-explain themselves? Seek approval?

In our thirties many of us, if we chose motherhood, were again measuring ourselves as “good” or “bad” in our various personal and professional roles. That brought exhaustion and depletion and the awareness, if we weren’t already smart enough to see it, the need for learning how to prioritize ourselves.

Forties hopefully brought less SORRYs, and more self-awareness and pleasure, but then….. (cue the Oprah voice) YOU TURNED 50!  

We are here to say, that WHATEVER your journey, we promise it gets even better here! And there are drinks (or whatever pleases you) waiting for ya. Cheers!

Dare we say that…

where we find ourselves right now might be the most grounded, sexiest, no-bullshit time of life we’ve visited yet. Believe it—the strongest, most sexy and most fun version of you may be waiting to finally emerge, with no F’s left to give!

Join us as we explore, tease apart, and celebrate all the ways this journey has brought us all together. We cannot promise answers, but we have a TON of fun posing the questions and hopefully normalizing and amplifying all the ways you’re gonna LOVE it here!

Join us as we explore, tease apart, and celebrate all the ways this journey has brought us all together. We cannot promise answers, but we have a TON of fun posing the questions and hopefully normalizing and amplifying all the ways you’re gonna LOVE it here!

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Episode Breakdown

Welcome to The Things We Know podcast, where your hosts, Lisa Callahan and Kari Morin, share their best advice for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond. If you are feeling stagnant, alone, or just kind of aimless, this show is for you. In this inaugural episode, Lisa and Kari kick things off with a bang (and a David Bowie quote). Listen in as they share who they are and the epic vision that is the driving purpose of the show.

From expectations to misconceptions, there are so many things in life that we learn along the way (often, the hard way). In today’s episode, Kari and Lisa will be sharing some of their personal “aha!” moments from life. Tune in to hear which lessons you may have in common, as well as some that may surprise you.

Have you noticed that emotions often feel inconvenient? But have you also noticed that pushing them down and ignoring them doesn’t seem to help? In this episode, Kari and Lisa talk about the importance of taking the time to feel and understand your own feelings so they don’t hold you back from what life has to offer. They also share insight into the positive side of negative (and seemingly inconvenient) emotions.

Meet The Hosts

Two middling babes.  Both professional coaches, both married 25+ years, 5 kids between them (ages16-21, one of whom experiences disability). Two husbands. 6 dogs. Minimally, 2 glasses of wine. Lots of laughs.

When Lisa Callahan and Kari Morin are not trying hard to make it through a podcast recording without fits of laughter slowing it down, you’ll find them coaching for the same online education company, or in their own private coaching practices.

Or, you will find Lisa soaking up rays by her pool (proud midwest transplant loving life in Los Angeles for *bleep* years now), networking like a boss, dining out just one table away from famous actors, supporting her very talented children’s art & theater productions, or jamming to live music in cool venues.

You’ll  find Kari singing along to loud music in her kitchen while cooking, hiking with her dogs in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge near her Portland home (staunch lover of the PNW for 22 years, but originally from So Cal), attending concerts, supporting other caregiver moms, or just doing fun boy-mom things (usually sports or music).

Kari and Lisa are both married to men they knew in their teens, both are thoroughly enjoying their young adult children, and both of them still attend live concerts when they can (Lisa more than Kari, easily).   When you hear them talking, their love and appreciation for the women in their lives are clear and abundant, and they are hoping these conversations grow into a circle where all women of a certain age will feel welcome!

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